I Am Back in Texas

I got down here about three weeks ago and I have been really busy ever since. I have driven about two hours to go see my parents, it has been about a year and a half since I have been down here. This morning I called a guy who installs home security systems from ADT in Plano TX, because like a lot of people in Texas I am living out in the country. The place is actually quite nice and there’s about ten acres of land with it. I did not really need the land and for now I will not make it any use of it, but the land was just thrown in with the house and so I was okay with it. I figure that if the day comes when I can afford a horse I may well keep it here. You could ride a horse a long time out here, and not ever cross a road with a hard surface.

The house itself needs some work, but it is in decent shape now for me. I can do almost all of the stuff that needs to be done without calling in help, although I suspect it would be more practical to get a contractor to do the bathroom. That is the most urgent thing that needs to be done and we are quite sure that the time required is not going to be available. Ever since I got back to Texas the company has me all over the place fixing stuff that they need fixed. They had another guy who used to do this stuff, but they made him mad and so he went out on his own and took a few of their customers with him. They made me sign a piece of paper saying I would not do it too.