I Don’t Trust My Suit with Just Anyone

I went to college and my family was so happy because I was the first person in my family to graduate from high school and go directly to college. My family was so happy and they could not believe that I went on to get a graduate degree. My dad bought me my first brand new suit so that I could wear something nice to my first interview after I graduated with my masters degree. I was told to go to https://www.kleepers.com so that I could see where there would be a place for me to bring my suit after I was done with it. My dad told me that he always had his suits laundered about every fourth wear, and that would be only if there were no smells in the suit that would make it strange for him to do business in. He once had to have a suit go to the cleaners after one wear because he said that it smelled like smoke from the casino where his company had a huge conference.

I knew that my dad had owned the same suits for many years, and I knew that he took really good care of them so I wanted to make sure that my first gift from him was going to stay nice for a long time. I was proud of my dad, he had worked his way up to a high management position in his company and it was really nice because he had started in the mail room. There are not many companies that would allow a person with a diploma to go and start and work their way up. If that was the case, then I would have gone right to his company after I graduated high school and not have gone to college.