My Son Brought Home Bed Bugs

When my son came home from camp a few weeks ago, he didn’t come back alone. Within a few days, we were all scratching, and I suspected that it was bed bugs. I went online to find out some more information on these irritating bugs, and I found out that I was right. They were indeed bed bugs, and I had to go back online to find a company that does pest control in NYC. One of the things that I had read about them is that they are very hard to get rid of.

I had read all kinds of home remedies online, but I was not willing to go through all of them only to find out I should have called a professional exterminator in the first place. There are plenty of pest control companies in the area, but I wanted one that has treatment plans for bed bugs. When I came across one site that actually details using a canine to find bed bugs when they are harder than usual to find, I knew that I had found the right company. I was able to fill out a form right there on the website to get more information, and they were very prompt in getting back to me right away.

They came out the next day and did an inspection of the entire house. They were able to find several in my son’s bedroom, but there were some in my bedroom and his sisters’ bedroom too. They treated all three bedrooms along with our living room and family room, and they also set out some traps. We had to leave while they did this, but I was only too glad to get out of there. They came back two weeks later for a follow up inspection, and those two visits took care of our pest problem!