Parc Esta is the Best of Both Worlds

My brother and I are nothing alike. He has always had a wild streak in him, and I have always been the cautious and practical one. We have hardly any interests in common, yet we are as close as two people can be. When he told me to look into buying a condo where he is purchasing one, I had to laugh because we have never had similar interests in where we want to live. It was not until after I looked at that I saw that he had truly found a condo development that is the best of both worlds.

He is a carefree bachelor who loves the nightlife. I am married to my school sweetheart, and we are raising three beautiful daughters together. Even when it comes to activities, we are different. He loves to swim, but it is not a casual swim. He goes hard, swimming as if he is trying out for the Olympics. My wife and I love to take our girls into the pool and goof off. Parc Esta actually has pools that fit both of our lifestyles. It does not end there though, which is the great part.

Even when we work out, we both have different styles. He likes to do cardio, and I am more into weight lifting. The gym that is on site has both, and even equipment that we will both find appealing, as rare as that is. Parc Esta truly is a place where a free spirit bachelor like my brother and a family man like myself can live together without any issues. I showed the website to my wife, and she fell in love with everything that is offered there, so it does look like my brother and I are about to become the unlikeliest of neighbors, and I cannot wait!