Starting with an Issue, Outlining the Resolution

There are many steps to what corporate secretarial services does. It starts off with a report and ends with the company compliant with an issue that was brought up. If the company fails to comply, it could be in deep trouble with the law or having to shut down. If being focused on the details is one of your strong traits, maybe this will be a job for you!

When dealing with corporate secretarial services, the first thing that is done is doing an analysis of information. This means, looking at the broad terms and services of what is being handed to you. This could be compliance issues, legal forms, employee or client dissatisfaction. It could be something as simple as was a signed placed in the right spot. It will vary. From there, you will check to see if there is any issues. If not, then you send a report back saying they are in compliance as well as send further information on why the issue was brought up. If there is an issue, there are other steps to take.

If there are issues, sending a report about what issues there are is the next step. With that report, you send recommendations on how to fix the issues and let the company know the reasons why the issues are there and how important it is to fix them. Legal issues are a main concern, but staying inline with a code of conduct placed by the company’s own values are just as important. If the issue is fixed, you will send a compliance report back telling them they are in compliance. If not, then you will have to go back and send a more stern report. The outline follows until the issue is resolved. Depending on business culture, some companies will resolve issues really fast, others will not.

All in all, the job is rewarding and helping keep people safe is the more important aspect of this job.