The Best Indian Entertainment Options for a Wedding

I met my fiancee in college 7 years ago and we dated for 5 years until I decided to propose to her at a restaurant we liked a lot. She accepted and I was very happy about it, we’ve only been engaged for a short time but we’re getting married at the end of 2022 and that’s why I’m already organizing the event and the party in advance. As she is Indian, I would like to organize an event that has entertainment average options as well as Indian entertainment options, so I searched about Indian wedding entertainment. After talking to some Indian friends who are Indian relatives and researching a lot on the internet about Indian wedding entertainment, I found several options that can add a lot to our wedding.The main options I found were:An Indian wedding always has a lot of music and one of the best options is a DJ or a disc jockey or dhol beats, this type of DJ keeps the crowd moving by singing the best numbers from a playlist made up of classical and modern songs. A DJ who plays EDM and Bollywood music is great too. But to start the night you can even start with the soft notes and the high-pitched beauty of ghazals and Sufi songs. Qawwalis and ghazals can add a sophisticated touch to proceedings and even create an atmosphere filled with the poetry of two souls who meet in holy matrimony. In addition to the music, appearances by dance artists are a great choice as Indians are very fond of dancing and a well-choreographed dance drama performed by professional artists or family members fits well into this type of entertainment.In addition to the participation of dancers and dancers, family performance as a form of entertainment can be excellent as well. The wedding date is set, and brothers, cousins, friends, and relatives get ready to rock the trendy wedding numbers but always play sangeet music. After analyzing all these options I chose all of them in addition to offering typical Indian food and drinks. I hope everything works out and that our marriage is lasting.